Solo show, Nextart Gallery, Gothenburg (SE)

13/10 - 4/11 2012

From the press release:

In the photographs and sculptures by Lotte Fløe Christensen, the continuous search for a meaning is a crucial ingredient. The triggering motive is not the final answer that the investigation could lead to, but rather the deconstruction in the act itself. Sticks, leaves and tree trunks form linguistic combinations, possible signs, which coexist in a never-ending stream of constructions.

In Notes on Things of Great Importance, which is shown at Nextart Gallery, the artist presents a collection of newly produced works created exclusively for this occasion. The collection consists of both photography and sculptural objects – the latter made of plastic. The nature exists inside the frames, but broadens and extends as often out in the room to form physical objects. A whole, that simultaneously reminds us of life’s limitations and fragility. The exhibition also presents “Construct” and “Still Life (Support)”, two photograps that appeared earlier this spring at the graduation exhibition of the Master Students in photography at Valand Academy . In these the interaction between nature and constructions made by human hand is depicted in a humorous and perceptive manner.

- Sara Arvidsson